Hanex Worktops

Hanex Worktops

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Hanex Worktops are widely used because of its many advantages and its Flexibility for use in different types of applications along with its Endless Design Possibilities. It is extensively used in the Hotel Industry, in Restaurants, in Hospitals and many other Residential and Commercial Projects. Because of its unique characteristics, Hanex Solid Surfaces is considered one of the top options for many Kitchen and Bathroom Requirements.

What is Hanex?

Hanex Solid Surface is made from a 100% acrylic substance that is available in three distinct types of finishes including High-Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte Finish. Each sheet is available in standard thickness; 3680 x 760 x 12mm or 2490 x 790 x 6mm. Hanex Worktops are made entirely from a Solid Material to produce a beautiful yet Tough Worktop Material.

Hanex Worktops provides Durability, Beauty and Functionality at a great affordable price tag. It can be pre-formed and customized to meet your Kitchen Design requirements, allowing you to create that Dream Kitchen you’ve always wanted. Achieve a Contemporary Design, Classic or Fashionable look and bring out the Best Look in your Kitchen with a Smooth, Lustrous Finish.

Why choose Hanex Worktops?

  • Hanex Solid Surfaces Advantages:
  • Hanex Worktops are durable and totally flexible in style
  • Hanex Worktops has thermoformed features, so it can be cut, shaped and moulded to create 3D shapes
  • Hanex Worktops are attractively affordable and are low maintenance
  • Hanex Solid Surfaces are a repairable and renewable surface if damaged
  • Naturally; Hanex Worktops is tough against heat, moist and chemical exposure
  • Totally Hygienic: resistant to moisture, pollutants and bacteria
  • With a large variety of Colour Designs to choose from
  • Hanex Solid Surface offers 10 years manufacturer limited warranty
  • Hanex Worktops Versatility

The superb functionality, Good Design and Luxurious look has always been the reasons why Hanex Solid Surface is the number one choice for different commercial projects including Hotels, Airport Lounges, Spas, Bars and Restaurants.

Hanex Solid Surfaces is widely installed for Reception Desks, Pantries, Table Tops, Office Work Stations, and Desk Tops, and Washroom Vanity surfaces. You may not notice or remember the name of the establishment but you will definitely be amazed by its beauty. Hanex Solid Surfaces are also used in institutions where Maintaining Proper Hygiene and High Sanitary Standards are very important; such as Kitchen Food Preparation areas, Hospital Nurse Stations, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Laboratories or Testing Rooms.

Hanex Worktops is the obvious choice for your Home Project as it brings out the best for your Kitchen Worktops Surfaces. You may also consider Hanex Solid Surfaces for Bathroom Walls, Bathroom Shower Cladding, and intergraded Kitchen Sinks, Bathroom Bowls, Up-Stands and Splash Backs.

Hanex Solid Surfaces are Naturally Non-Porous. It requires less Cleaning Process, as you can simply wipe away Food Spills or Liquid Stains as they happen.

Here are some of our simple guidelines to take which will help you to maintain the good looks and prevent Hanex Worktops from potential damage.

Basic daily cleaning- wipe down dirt using a clean and slightly damp cloth or sponge
Prevent direct or indirect heat contact to your Hanex Worktops by always using a trivet with rubber feet or hot pads. Never place hot items directly unto Hanex solid surfaces, especially as it comes out from the hob or oven. Remember, placing a hot saucepan or heat-generating appliances can cause severe damage to your worktop.
Chemical damage- never use a strong chemical cleaner to remove deep penetrating marks or stains. It can cause serious damage and discolouration to the Hanex worktops Surfaces.
Avoid cutting food items unto Hanex Worktops Surfaces; always utilize a cutting board to prevent chops, deep scratch or cuts.