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LG Hi-Macs Solid Surface is the premier choice for smart home owners, inspiring architects, designers, fabricators, and retailers for creating a brilliant design without boundaries. Hi-Macs is a quality solid surface material, offering limitless design possibilities and an extensive colour palette, allowing you to explore your creative side. LG Hi-Macs Solid Surface is a great choice for your ongoing or upcoming project, giving you an excellent work surface at a fantastic value.

Hi-Macs as Tough

Durable and Hardwearing just like a natural stone material. LG Hi-Macs Solid Surface can withstand everyday scratches, stains or marks, and can be repaired when damaged.

Clean and Hygienic

This Solid Surface is dirt, mildew and bacteria proof. LG Hi-Macs Solid Surfaces have seamless seams and a non-porous surface, assuring that harmful bacteria cannot reside on it.

Hi-Macs as Flexible

Hi-Macs Solid Surface has the ability to be thermo cured into a diverse shape, mould and bends into different curves and angles to create a 3D thermoplastic effect. Your hidden artistic side can be set free as you explore a new level of design innovation. Hi-Macs will provide you with infinite design possibilities even with the seemingly impossible design formation.

Hi-Macs Colour and Design

Hi-Macs offer a series of colour and design choices, each with a unique pattern and texture that can be used to enhance your proposed Kitchen Plan.

Easy to Maintain

Hi-Macs is a hard-wearing surface, therefore it does not require much of a cleaning routine. You can simply wipe off dirt using a slightly damp cloth or wet sponge.

15 Years of Limited Warranty

Promising an Exceptional Worktop Brand at its best. LG Hi-Macs offers the longest guaranteed quality warranty.

LG Hi-Macs Solid Surface Use and Care

With proper use and care, this worktop will definitely last for more than a decade. Allowing you to enjoy a Beautiful Worktop with years of quality use.

Listed below are few simple tips and hints on caring for your new worktop, to help it stay as good as new.

– Daily cleaning routine to remove dust and dirt.

– Avoid direct or prolonged chemical contact. Unforgiving chemical components can cause discoloration and will remove the natural glossy shine of Hi-Macs Surface. Rinse harsh cleaning solutions immediately with soapy water.

– LG Hi-Macs Solid Surface is highly resistant against day-to-day wear and tear. However, sharp objects like knives, scissors and other pointed objects may leave cuts or scratch. Smaller cuts are easy to repair, however deep cuts needs professional service. We highly suggest the use of a chopping board to prevent potential cuts.

– Avoid placing hot kitchen cookware directly on the surface. Prolonged heat contact may cause burn marks. Prevent potential damage from hot objects by using a mat, board or trivet.