About Corian Worktops

What are Corian Worktops?

Corian worktops ImageCorian Worktops by DuPont created the Solid Surface category more than 30 years ago. An advanced blend of Natural Materials and Pure Acrylic Polymer, Corian Worktop is a brand that has earned trust and respect. As a proven material Corian Worktops bring Design Versatility, Long-Term Performance and Value to Any Environment.

Corian Worktops is Manufactured by DuPont in the form of Sheets and Sinks. The sheets are precut into specific lengths at the factories and then shipped to a Worldwide Network of Distributors. Authorized Distributors and Retailers of Corian Worktops are Trained Professionals who help everyone who uses Corian Worktops meet all Specification, Fabrication and Installation Requirements.

Thanks to its unique balance of Beauty and Performance, Corian Worktops lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative interpretations and enduring applications.

If you can envision it, chances are you can create it with Corian Worktops. The options are almost limitless. Do you need both Design Flexibility and Elegance? Would you like a material that’s great for work or play? Do you want a Kitchen Worktop surface that can stand up to the challenges of time, heavy-handed use and punishing substances?

Why Choose Corian Worktops?

You have distinctive desires and design considerations for your home. You demand Excellent Performance from every element of your new home or Remodeling Project. This is where Corian Worktops truly shines. Its proven performance more than fulfills expectations, reflecting well on your choice- and on you- for years to come. Warm and inviting- your environment will be as distinctive and expressive as you want it to be when you use Corian Worktops, a material with many faces. It’s always approachable. Whether you use it as a Central Design Element or as an Accent, Island Surface or Bespoke Counter, Corian Worktops will add both style and Sensibility to every project.

Illuminating: The natural translucency of Corian Worktops allows it to contribute drama and definition to any installation. When backlit, Corian Worktop glows. Surfaces become more luminous-lighter colours are warmer, softer; darker tones become richer, deeper. This quality translates to many applications, including Interior and Exterior Lighting, inlaid Fiber-Optics, Wall Panels and other uses. Working with Corian Worktop is truly an illuminating experience.

Formable: The formability of Corian Worktop adds to its Versatility. You can Cut It. Carve It. Rout It. Drill It. Sculpt It. Bend It. Or work it like a Fine Wood. The ability of Corian Worktops to be Thermoformed allows it to flow with both Traditional and Non-Traditional Designs. An ordinary sheet of Corian Worktops can be transformed into an art form…a dramatic curved stairway…a sculpted piece of furniture.

Compatible: You’ll find that Corian Worktop “plays well with others.” Friendly and Approachable, it blends beautifully with whatever it’s paired with. Corian Worktop is just as comfortable in a supporting role as it is taking center stage-it can be as quiet or as bold as it needs to be.

Corian Worktops combines beautifully with Chrome, Stainless Steel, Wood, Glass, Brass and more. Whether you want to express simple minimalism, lush and dramatic sophistication, or cozy warmt